Uvalde from 30,000 Feet

Uvalde from 30,000 Feet

First off, thank you to all those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice as we remember them this Memorial Day. In today's Off the Cuff, Mike the Cop and He Big Daddy D discuss current law enforcement news, which means the Uvalde incident and its massive media gravity was virtually unavoidable. However, we simply give a 30,000 foot view and encourage folks to actually think reasonably and not RUSH into formulating opinions based on speculation. The full breakdown will come in due time on Failure to Stop but we won't do that any faster than is appropriate. This episode was filmed with information available on Friday 5/27/22.

We hit a couple of other stories like how the San Francisco mayor won't walk in the "pride" parade unless cops are allowed to be in it too and some guys busted in 2020 with a big bag of drugs that was literally labeled: bag full of drugs. 

Guns up Giddy up! Can't stop won't stop baby!


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