Chatting with Former Mob Boss Michael Franzese

Chatting with Former Mob Boss Michael Franzese

On this episode of NIGHTSHIFT, Mike The Cop and Eric Tansey get the chance to sit down with former mafia capo Michael Franzese. Franzese recently released his best selling book "Mafia Democracy: how our republic became a mob racket."

At one point, Michael was names the #18 on Fortune's richest 50 mobsters and is one of only two left alive. If you're a fan of the mob genre and movies like Godfather, Donnie Brasco and a Bronx Tale or shows like the Sopranos, then come hear from someone who has actually lived it.

After serving time in prison, Michael has now dedicated his life to sharing his story of redemption at leadership events, churches, prison ministries, etc. We were so grateful for the time he gave us and hopefully we can get him back for even more! Maybe we will figure out where JIMMY HOFFA is or who dumped the bodies into Lake Mead.

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