97. BREAKDOWN: Cop Convicted of Murder - The Ben Darby Case

97. BREAKDOWN: Cop Convicted of Murder - The Ben Darby Case


Mike the Cop and Eric Tansey sit down with Keelin Darby to discuss the case of her husband, Ben Darby. Officer Darby of the Huntsville, Alabama police department responded to a suicide-by cop scenario on April 3, 2018. Ultimately, Officer Darby shot and killed the man, with two other officers on scene as well as another female in the home (a potential hostage situation).Initially, an Incident Review Board cleared Officer Darby of any policy violations and recognized his actions as justified under the rule of law. In fact, the other two responding officers were subsequently sent to remedial training. Months later, after having already returned to work, the DA became determined to charge Ben Darby with murder. Darby refused multiple plea deals as he and the Chief of Police continued to maintain his complete innocence. Ultimately, in a non public trial, Darby is found guilty of murder and subsequently sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Keelin, herself an active police officer, shares the exculpatory evidence that the Judge prevented the jury from hearing and seeing and we all discuss the relevant case law and the path forward in appeal.

STAND WITH DARBY - All the supporting legal documentation and case summary, etc. 


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